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North Carolina Zoo

North Carolina Zoo

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About Us

At the North Carolina Zoo, we seek to inspire a lifelong curiosity about wildlife and a passion for protecting it. As the world’s largest natural habitat zoo, the North Carolina Zoo and its dedicated staff of experts provide expansive spaces and world-class care for the more than 1,800 animals here giving our guests the chance to witness the majesty of the wild in the heart of North Carolina. At the same time, our animal experts work tirelessly in the Zoo and around the world to ensure the protection of the world’s most amazing creatures and the places they call home.


Kids at the Playground
Young girl with a polar bear
Zebra ostrich and giraffes
Arctic Foxes
Rhinos on the Watani Grasslands
Aerial of Africa Entrance
Male chimpanzee at the North Carolina Zoo
Blue-tongued Skink

Rep/Contact Info

Ms. Debbie Fuchs
Public Information Officer
Ms. Patricia Simmons
Ms. Diane Villa
Chief Communications Officer

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